Information to Your Most Common Questions

How do I sign up with Woof and Walk Pet Care?

I appreciate your interest and am here to help! You may contact me by phone, text or email to request a free Meet and Greet so your pet and I can meet.  I will get back you within the same day or within a few hours depending on my schedule that day. We will schedule a date and time that works best for you.  Most meetings will be held at the clients home, unless your pet is staying in our home, then the meet and greet will take place there.  If there is a positive connection for compatibility during the meet and greet, I will move onto the next step of scheduling you in for your visits and care upon the pet owner’s approval. A form will also need to be filled out so we have the necessary information regarding your pet, emergency contacts, etc. If boarding, a Boarding Agreement must be filled out and all criteria MUST be met to qualify.

Is Woof and Walk Pet Care Liability Insured and Bonded?

Yes. Woof and Walk Pet Care is liability insured and bonded through one of the most reputable pet business insurers, Business Insurers of the Carolinas and Pet Sitter International. This insurance is renewed yearly so I can make sure that my clients and business are always protected. I am happy to show proof of our insurance during a meet and greet if requested.

Why should I hire a dog walker/pet sitting service provider?

Though there are several options for pet care, by hiring a dog walker/pet sitting service provider, you are allowing your pet to remain in the comfort of their home environment where they will always feel safe and secure. This also allows them to remain within their normal routine that they are accustomed to. It also reduces anxiety and the exposure to unnecessary illness that they could obtain in a kennel environment. When your pet is in a professional pet sitter’s care, they will always be treated like our own and also experience loving companionship, exercise, play time, feedings and lots of love while you are away. Your home will also be protected as well because a pet sitter will always be present throughout the day performing visits.

Is there paperwork that needs to be filled out upon hiring Woof and Walk Pet Care?

Yes.  The following forms will need to be filled out for dog walking, pet sitting and/or boarding services:

**Pet/Client Information Sheet

**Home Boarding Agreement

These are simple form(s) to fill out so that we can get important information for our files to use as a reference when your pet is in our care.  This is general information about you, your pet, including emergency contacts, veterinary information and home entry information (alarms, key pads, etc).  All information is kept safe and confidential.

Do I need to provide Woof and Walk Pet Care a key to my home?

Yes, if possible.  This is highly recommended by most pet sitting services.  Because incidents can happen such as electrical outages, it is helpful to have a key as a backup in the event key pad batteries and garage doors fail suddenly while the owner gone.  Your pet is our #1 priority and we want to make sure we are able to access the home in order to care for your pet without issue.

How long does Woof and Walk Pet Care visit with my pet(s) and when do these visits occur?

A 30 minute is a typical time frame for a pet visit.  If more time is required we offer a maximum 45 minute visit.  My daily dog walking visits are performed from 9 AM – 3 PM Monday – Friday.  If your pet doesn’t require a walk a typical visit time would vary depending on what your dog needs for care. This would be approximately 20 – 30 minutes, for the same fee, so that your pet(s) needs are still met.

How will I know Woof and Walk has been to my home for the scheduled visit?

At each visit I will notify you by text that I have arrived and/or performed the visit and give you a update. This will also include pictures of your pets so you can see how much fun they had when I was there. I also like to leave you a detailed written note, in addition to a text about the visit. All my client’s love this because when they miss their pets and come home they love to read about the events that happened while they were away. During the visit, if there are any questions/concerns, I will certainly contact you right away.

How much notice do you need to schedule a visit?

We request that a visit be scheduled with us as soon as you are aware that you will need us, especially boarding reservations.  This is first come first serve as there is always limited availability. Boarding is at my residential home and is not a “boarding facility” to the public. 1 -3 days notice is recommended for a single dog walk service at the client’s home or a few weeks prior to a boarding service.  I understand last minute situations can occur, however an additional fee of $10.00 per visit will be charged for any last minute/same day notifications. Visits will not be guaranteed based on my availability.

How much notice do you need to cancel a visit?

I request that a visit or service be cancelled as soon as possible once you are aware you will be cancelling. The more notice the better as long as the service is cancelled a day or two prior to boarding or within a few hours of your dog walk service. It is not courteous of the owner to make a pet sitter visit when you will be home shortly before or after. Please be courteous to avoid an unnecessary visit charge.

Do you charge cancellation fees?

No.  As of now, I do not charge cancellation fees.  All I ask is to give me respectable notice.  The more notice the better. 

How do you handle emergencies while watching my pets when I am gone?

When a Meet and Greet is scheduled and the client is officially scheduled to use my services, we can discuss an emergency plan to have in place at that time.  I do understand everyone’s needs may be different when situations occur so it’s important to discuss this plan together.  I am here to help in situations like this when you are unable too.  

What if Woof and Walk Pet Care goes on vacation?  Who will watch my pets when I need them?

I understand how important it is to make sure taking time off does not interfere with a client’s schedule.  As with anyone, it’s normal to take time off to be with family, go on vacation, etc.  As soon as I know I will be unavailable, I make sure our client’s are aware at least 6 to 12 weeks in advance to avoid complications with scheduling.  Communication is always key and it has always helped to make things easy for everyone involved when planning time away.  This can be discussed at any time.  Please feel free to reach out to us or go to the “AVAILABILITY INFO” link on our website to check our status prior to planning your care.

Why should I choose Woof and Walk Pet Care to be our provider?

When you choose us to be your pet care provider, you are choosing professionalism, trust, reliability, patience, excellent work ethic and someone who will be caring for your pets as if they were their own. I love to make my visits with your fur babies fun and memorable!  I am always willing to go that extra mile for my clients.  I offer affordable rates and 20+ years of overall experience caring for most breeds young or elder on a professional level and a personal level.  I have experience in administering medications and am liability insured and bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolinas – Pet Sitters International.  References are also available upon request. I promise your pets and you as the owner, will absolutely love my services and the care I can provide for your fur babies.